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After initially leaving the school when he grows too close to Sheila, Stanley changes his mind and returns to finish the program and work out his relationship with her.

Long Ending:
Harrad University allows two of their faculty – husband and wife duo Philip (James Whitmore) and Margaret (Tippi Hedren) Tenhausen – run an experimental course on human sexuality. The Tenhausens wish to explore whether monogamy is the best means of having a relationship. Their experiment is designed to foster sexual openness and exploration of multi-partner pairings. The professors believe that by having multiple partners, different needs will be met by each partner (i.e., one partner will provide intellectual stimulation, another emotional support, and a third physical satisfaction) better than trying to get all needs met by a single partner. As part of the experiment, participating students are assigned to live with a student of the opposite sex and they will switch roommates every month.

Sheila (Laurie Walters) is shy and virginal, hoping to experience passion for the first time. She is paired with the very attractive Stanley (Don Johnson), who has spent the last few years living on his own and dating many people. The two are immediately attracted to each other, but Stanley hesitates to take Sheila’s virginity as she places so much value on losing it to the right person. So Stanley covertly sleeps with other students, including sexually free Beth (Victoria Thompson) who is in a similar situation with her shy roommate Harry (Bruno Kirby).

Eventually, Sheila and Stanley begin developing an emotional connection with each other. After a night on the town, they finally have sex. Soon after, however, Beth (who was open with Harry about her tryst with Stanley) and Harry accidentally tell Sheila that Stanley had been sleeping with other women in the class. Betrayed by his lack of honesty, Sheila acts coldly towards Stanley. Unable to deal with his guilt, Stanley tries to seduce Margaret in hopes that doing so will get him expelled and free him from having to work through his feelings with Sheila. Margaret (who has deduced Stanley’s motives) calls his bluff by offering to sleep with Stanley, and Stanley refuses to go through with it. Philip later tells Stanley that he will not be expelled, hoping that it will force Stanley to stay in the program and work things out with Sheila. Despite the Tenhausens’ efforts, Stanley leaves the school. He leaves a note for Sheila, asking her to run away with him. Although Sheila considers leaving and has privately forgiven Stanley for his actions, she decides her friendship with her fellow students and the things she’s been learning at school are more valuable.

After realizing Sheila isn’t coming to meet him, Stanley decides that he no longer wants to be on his own without any emotional attachments. He returns to the school to find Sheila being consoled by Harry and Beth. They welcome Stanley back and the four embrace.

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