Submitted by Spectre

Christian Mason (Adrian Paul), a Prime Minister candidate, called a contract on himself and manipulated it so Anawalt (Stephen Rea) would hand the contract to his brother Mitch “Boots” Mason (Gary Stretch). The reason he did this was so that corrupt cop Dunn (Vinnie Jones) would kill his mistress Claire (Shannon Sossamon) and his brother. Christian would then get his heart which he needs to live, as Boots refused to help with a bone marrow transplant.

Boots kills Dunn, though is mortally wounded in the process. He tells Claire to run and tells her where he hid the money for the contract. Christian finds his brother bleeding out and admonishes for not helping him; so he had to take a hit out on himself so Dunn would kill him and Claire. Boots pulls out a grenade he was given by Rubin and pulls the pin, killing his brother and himself.

Claire recovers the money and walks by the newsstands, seeing that Christian Mason was killed and the authorities cannot conclude why.