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In the end, Minnie convinces Skeeter (Emma Stone) to publish her “blackmail” story about Ms. Hilliy (Bryce Dallas Howard) in her book. The book is published, and becomes a success. It appears that everyone in Jackson, Mississippi’s elite is reading it, and many speculate (although all the stories Skeeter has written in the book are anonymous, and the setting is never revealed) that the book is about their own community. No one is certain, until Hilly’s mother reads the book, and recognizes the story, wherein Minny (Octavia Spenceer) tricked Hilly into eating a pie that contained her own (Minny’s) feces. She advises Hilly to read the book.

Skeeter tells her boyfriend about the book she wrote. He breaks up with her, telling her that things are fine in Jackson, that she’s just stirring up trouble, and that she’s a selfish woman.

Skeeter discovers that her nanny, Constantine (Cicely Tyson) who mysteriously disappeared, was fired by her mother. Constantine moved up north, where she died shortly thereafter. Skeeter tells her mother that Constantine died because her heart was broken.

Celia’s (Jessica Chastain) husband confronts Minny, and tells her that he knows that she’s been helping Celia learn to cook, and also that Celia has told him about her three miscarriages, and that he realizes that Minny is to thank for the end to Celia’s repeated illnesses. He and Celia surprise Minny with a big meal that Celia has cooked with skills she learned from Minny, and they tell her that she will have a job with them for the rest of her life, if she wants.

Hilly reads “The Help”, and recognizes her story in it. She drives to Skeeter’s house, and confronts her drunkenly, declaring that she will ruin the lives of both Minnie and Aibileene (Viola Davis). She then intends to use Skeeter’s mother Charlotte (Allison Janney) to further punish Skeeter, only to have Charlotte stand up to her, and drive her off of their property.

Minny and Aibileene arrive at their church, and are applauded by the entire congregation. Their minister tells Aibileene that since she could not sign her name to the book, everyone in their community has signed it for her. He gives her the signed copy.

Skeeter receives a job offer in New York City. She tells Minny and Aibileene that she intends to reject it. She feels that she’s created too much trouble for them, and must stay in Jackson to help them work through it. They tell her that she isn’t responsible for them, and should follow her dreams.

In the end, Minny leaves her abusive husband. Hilly accuses Aibileene of stealing pieces of a silver set that Mrs. Leefolt had borrowed from her. With Hilly’s insistence, Mrs. Leefolt fires Aibileene. Aibileene confronts Hilly, and tells her exactly what she thinks of her. She then bids farewell to Mae, Mrs. Leefolt’s daughter, whom she has been raising.

Aibileene leaves the house, reminiscing about the events that brought her to this point. She reflects that telling people how she felt about her life made her feel free, and that her (recently deceased) son had always said that they would have a writer in the family. She supposes that it will be her.