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After being re-routed into a death pit for the mutants, Big Bob (Ted Levine) is burned alive, Ethel (Kathleen Quinlan) is shot to death, Lynn (Vinessa Shaw) is shot in the face and dies, and Brenda (Emilie de Ravin) is raped and Baby Catherine is taken hostage by the mutants.  Doug (Aaron Stanford) goes into the hills to get revenge of his murdered family.  Bobby and Brenda stay back and step up traps for any other mutant.  Doug and his dog kill all of the mutants and get the baby back.  Bobby and Brenda kill Pluto by setting him on fire and beating him to death with a pick axe.  Doug, Bobby, Brenda, Baby Catherine and the dog walk alone in the desert.  They then are seen through binoculars, meaning they are still being watched.