Submitted by Enigma

The director’s daughter Alexa (Sophie Monk), is as crazy as her father Concannon (William Sadler), and lures more and more people to the farm, then films them being brutally murdered to continue making the movie “The Hills Run Red.” Babyface, the actual killer, is the in-bred son of Alexa and her father.

Alexa and Babyface torture and kill Gabe on camera. Then Concannon shoots his daughter for trying to be the director, and is subsequently murdered by Babyface. Tyler comes in and kills Babyface, and rescues Serina, but they are attacked by the supposed dead Alexa and the screen goes black.

Tyler wakes up in a makeshift movie theater, and Alexa grants him his wish of finally seeing the movie. He goes crazy while watching the brutal murders (since every murder in the film is real), and eventually dies from his injuries.

Alexa is seen talking to a bound and sickly Serina. The camera slowly pans out to reveal that Serina is pregnant with Babyface’s child. It was implied earlier in the film that he raped her, but never confirmed until now. Alexa begins singing, “Hush little baby” to Serina’s belly, like she sang to her child.