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All the boys get in to their chosen University

The Headmaster finds out about Hector touching the boys and asks him to resign, but allows him to finish out the year. Dakin gets Hectors job back by telling him he knows the Headmaster has been feeling up his secretary, Fiona.

Hector gives Irwin a lift home on his motorbike and they crash. Hector dies and Irwin has no recollection of the accident.

Dakin makes a date with Irwin but it never happens.

The boys futures are revealed in the end:
Posner is a teacher
Dakin is a tax lawyer
Timms owns a chain of dry cleaners
Rudge is a builder
Scripps is a journalist
Crowther is a magistrate
Lockwood joins the army and becomes a lieutenant. At 28 he is wounded by friendly fire and dies on his way to a hospital
Akhtar is a headmaster

Irwin leaves teaching to become a TV journalist