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The Human Stain

Coleman Silk (Anthony Hopkins) has spent his entire adult life hiding the fact that he’s African American. Lester Farley (Ed Harris) kills his ex-wife Faunia (Nicole Kidman) and Coleman for completely unrelated reasons (think your standard bitter, jealous stalker story). At Coleman’s funeral, Nathan Zuckerman (Gary Sinise) discovers the secret when he meets Coleman’s sister Ernestine (Lizan Mitchell).

If you’d like to see a more elaborate description of this film, your editor decided to give up on some of this week’s effort toward this site in order to send a long write-up to The Movie Spoiler. Note to Miramax pictures: Using a tag line like “Don’t Give Away the Secret” for this film pretty much guaranteed that I’m going to, you know… give away the secret. Duh.