Submitted by Jeremy

Before the start of the tenth Hunger Games, a young Coriolanus Snow hopes to restore his family’s name after his father is killed during the district rebellions. He is assigned to be a mentor to a tribute from District 12 named Lucy Gray Baird, who earns notoriety after singing in defiance during her reaping. Coriolanus takes an interest in her and vows to help her win. During the Games, he helps Lucy Gray survive by slipping her rat poison to use against the other tributes, as well as putting a handkerchief with her scent on it inside a vat of snakes that kill the remaining tributes but not her. Lucy Gray wins, but Coriolanus is caught for cheating, and is sent to the districts to be a Peacekeeper.

Coriolanus goes to District 12 to reunite with Lucy Gray, where they start a romantic relationship. Coriolanus learns from fellow mentor/Peacekeeper Sejanus Plinth, who openly opposed the Games, that some of the rebels are planning to escape up north. Fearing it may compromise what he has with Lucy Gray, Coriolanus betrays Sejanus and records his plans to send to Head Gamemaker Dr. Volumnia Gaul, who has Sejanus and another Peacekeeper executed after the mayor’s daughter and her boyfriend are killed.

Coriolanus attempts to join Lucy Gray in their escape, but after she more or less figures out that he had a hand in Sejanus being executed, she abandons him and disappears, leaving her ultimate fate unknown and driving Coriolanus mad.

Coriolanus is sent back to the Capitol, where he kills Dean Casca Highbottom (the creator of the Games) and is set to become a Gamemaker under Gaul, since she believes his work with Lucy Gray influenced the outcome of the Games for generations to come.

02 hours 45 minutes