Submitted by Evil Ed

Tony Scott’s vampire noir with amazing old age makeup by the legendary Dick Smith.

John Blalock (David Bowie) rapidly ages, so Miriam Blalock (Catherine Deneuve) locks him away in a box in the attic along with her other decrepit lovers. (Miriam does not age, but anyone she bites eventually develops rapid progeria.)

At a book signing, Miriam creates a psychic connection with Dr. Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon), a researcher who specializes in aging. When Sarah comes to Miriam’s townhouse to inquire about John (who had visited her earlier), Miriam seduces her. They have sex and Miriam bites her.

When Sarah begins to succumb to her vampirism, Miriam takes her into her home. Sarah’s husband Tom (Cliff De Young) goes to Miriam’s house, finds Sarah, but Sarah bites and kills him to feed her hunger.

In the aftermath, Miriam tries to entice Sarah into accepting her new existence, but as they kiss, Sarah stabs herself in the neck with her own Ankh pendant, and forces Miriam to drink her blood. The blood drain renders Sarah helpless.

When Miriam goes up to the attic to place Sarah with her other lovers, the mummies of all of her other lovers, led by John, rise up and attack Miriam. They force her off of a stairway balcony and she plummets all of the way to the ground floor. After impact, she rapidly ages. (Don’t try to figure out why any of this happens…)

When police Lt. Allegrezza (Dan Hedaya) visits the townhouse again a real estate broker (Shane Rimmer) tells him the townhouse is for sale. Finally, we see Sarah along with a male and female cohabitant in a London flat. Sarah looks out onto the city as the sun sets. The sound of Miriam screaming Sarah’s name comes from a large crate locked away at some undetermined location.

Look fast for Willem Dafoe.

24 minutes