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The Interpreter

Motamban president Zuwanie comes to the U.N. to give his speech (in hopes that he’ll avoid prosecution for ethnic cleansing). Secret Service agent Keller (Sean Penn) can’t decide whether or not Sylvia the U. N. interpreter Sylvia (Nicole Kidman) is part of the assassination plot she overheard, because he finds out she used to be the lover of a major opposition figure who was murdered. There is an assassination attempt, but it was staged by Zuwanie and his head of security to try and bolster his power. The head of security kills the duped would-be assassin to cover his tracks, but Keller catches him. Meanwhile, in the safe room where they stashed Zuwanie after the “attempt,” Sylvia comes out from where she’s been hiding, waiting for Zuwanie so she can kill him for all the crimes he committed in Motamba. Keller finds them and talks her out of killing Zuwanie. Sylvia gets deported back to Motamba, where she has dual citizenship, and she and Keller say goodbye.