Submitted by Dwayne

Shere Khan finally tracks down Mowgli in the wastelands just as the boy finally finds true friendship with four vultures. Baloo saves Mowgli from the tiger, but is badly beaten while fending him off defending Mowgli. After lightning strikes a tree and sets it on fire, Mowgli ties one piece to Shere Khan’s tail and the tiger retreats. Baloo appears to be dead, but he awakens and reunites with Mowgli.

Just as Mowgli is set to return to the jungle with Baloo and Bagheera, he is lured into the man village by a girl sent to fetch water from the stream. Baloo comes to accept that Mowgli belongs in the village with other humans, and he and Bagheera return to the jungle in a reprise of the “Bare Neccessities”.