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Jimmy’s (Jeff Saumier) enemy Trey (Daniel Brochu) tells Jimmy’s parents that he’s been boxing behind their backs, so his father (Mark Camacho) shows up at Harry (Rod Steiger) and Cappy’s (Ray Aranha) gym while he is training for the city boxing tournament and angrily brings him home. His father forbids him from fighting anymore, and he tells Cappy that if he allows Jimmy into the gym again, he’ll take him to court.

Soon after, Harry suffers a heart attack, and he dies a day later. A heartbroken Jimmy later has a vision of Harry, both as his elderly self and as a young boxer, who reminds him that boxing is about the heart and the mind, but the heart means more.

After attending Harry’s funeral, Jimmy’s parents are given a letter from Cappy that Harry wrote to them. In it, Harry encourages them to let their son finish the tournament, and to be proud of him no matter what he does, because he was a special kid with a lot of heart. His parents decide to let him finish the tournament, though his father still has his misgivings about boxing and won’t attend his son’s fights.

Jimmy makes it to the finals against the previous year’s champion of his weight class, Willis Marsden (Stéphane Desormiers). Things initially don’t go well for Jimmy, but then his father shows up, finally supporting him. With that extra boost of confidence, Jimmy defeats Marsden and becomes the new champion.