Submitted by Don P

Martin Scorsese’s most controversial film.

Jesus (Willem Dafoe) is a carpenter who builds crosses for the Romans.
Judas (Harvey Keitel) is a Zealot who wants to kill Jesus for being a traitor but also believes that Jesus is the Messiah.

Judas tells Jesus to lead a revolution against the Romans but Jesus believes in a revolution of love. At Passover in Jerusalem, Jesus tells Judas to turn him in so that he can save humanity. Pontius Pilate (David Bowie) has Jesus condemned to be crucified. While on the cross, time stops and he is saved by an angel in the form of a little girl who tells him that he is not the one.

Jesus then marries Mary Magdalene (Barbara Hershey) and has a happy life.

When Jesus is on his deathbed, Judas comes to see him and calls him a traitor, for the angel was really Satan. Jesus begs God to let him be the Messiah and he is instantly transported back to the cross, as though the entire episode was a fantasy.

02 hours 44 minutes