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Gavin (Charlie Hunnam) has an affair with Shana (Liv Tyler) the wife of his neighbor Joe (Patrick Wilson). Instead of killing them both, Joe decides to do something more sinister. Joe kidnaps Shana and makes Gavin stand on a ledge. He has to jump off at noon or she will die in his place.

Gavin relates this too late to Det. Hollis (Terrence Howard). Though they figure out Joe is watching from an adjacent building, they are not quick enough to find him. Gavin won’t let her die so he tells Hollis to forgive his wife and tell Shana he loves her. The clock strikes noon and Gavin jumps to his death to the horror of Shana, Hollis, and his roommate Chris (Christopher Gorham).

Right after Gavin jumps, police find Joe and arrest him. Shana goes to stay with Chris for a while and breaks down in his arms. Hollis goes home and forgives his wife (he had learned that day that he was sterile and his kids were not his).