Submitted by Joseph C

Tom Dooley (Michael Landon) is a confederate officer leading a small patrol behind union lines. They attack a union stagecoach, killing several union soldiers.  Unknown to them, the war had already ended.  They are labeled murderers for these killings.  

Dooley takes one of his injured men in the middle of the night to a doctor.  The doctor’s grandson sneaks out and calls in a posse. Dooley and his men have to shoot their way out of town.

Dooley goes back alone to see if his girlfriend will come with him. She accepts, and they flee together.  They get married on the way.  

Her ex-boyfriend tracks them down, and brings Tom Dooley back to the town.  One of his men, Country Boy, is also arrested.  Country Boy and Dooley escape. Country Boy is shot, and Dooley is recaptured.  In the scuffle, Dooley’s wife is accidentally stabbed, and she dies.  

Dooley is hanged for murder.