Submitted by James B

A young manservant (Dave Franco) sleeps with his boss’ wife and is caught, so he flees. He takes refuge in a convent where the young nuns are verbally and physically abusive. He pretends to be deaf and mute to avoid conflict. The young nuns are not what they seem, indulging in profanity, sex, lesbianism and alcohol. The priest at the convent (John C. Reilly) is having an affair with the mother superior.

One of the young nuns starts a sexual affair with the manservent. Another teams up with her friend, a secret witch, and concocts a potion to seduce him. Yet another young nun, secretly a Jewish lesbian, spies on everyone and finds out their secrets. The two witches kidnap the manservant and attempt to kill him, but the nun he has been sleeping with intervenes. Everyone’s secrets are found out by a visiting Bishop (Fred Armisen), and they are all punished.

After being sent back to his former master, the three young nuns rescue the manservant, and everyone escapes into the woods.