Submitted by Katie

Nicky Collini (Desi Arnaz) and  Tacy Bolton-Collini (Lucille Ball), buy a large trailer in order to save money that would otherwise be spent on a house.

They go through a series of calamities: Tacy’s unsuccessfully cooks in a moving trailer, a literal cliffhanger occurs on a mountain top, a flat tire in a rainstorm, Nicky backs the trailer into the home of Tacy’s parents and Tacy’s cumbersome collection of rocks causes a dangerous commute up a steep road, which causes Nicky to throw out all of her collection out the door. This causes the two to not speak to each other the entire ride back.

That night, Nicky drives away to try and cool down after their fight and he returns to find Tacy gone. After finding potential new owners for the trailer, Nicky returns to find Tacy in the trailer, all packed and ready to leave for good. Nicky starts to say something to Tacy, but is unable to. He drives away in a rainstorm and before he gets away, Tacy runs after him and they tearfully reunite in the pouring rain.