Submitted by Ryan

With a few close calls, the switch is a success.  After retrieving George (William H. Macy) from the warehouse in a crate with the paintings and statue, Charles (Morgan Freeman) drives Roger (Christopher Walken) and Rose (Marcia Gay Harden) to the terminal for the long awaited anniversary vacation to Miami.

Once in Miami, Roger is snorkeling in the ocean with Rose watching him from afar.  She calls to him, which causes him to eventually look towards her on the beach.  As he stares at Rose, her position and lighting give her a striking similarity to that of The Lonely Maiden (Roger’s coveted painting).  In almost a trance, Roger wades out of the water and begs Rose not to move.  He wraps his arms around her, still envisioning her being in the painting, and leans in for a long, passionate kiss.

Upon returning to New York, Roger meets up with Charles and George on the rooftop of Charles’ apartment building.  To his surprise, Charles has redone the storage shed on the roof to be the safe haven for all three pieces of art.  After George exits the shed only in a bathrobe (clearly naked underneath), Roger goes inside to admire the fruits of their labor.  Sitting in front of the painting, Roger begins to stare with admiration like he had done at the museum for many years. We come to find out that as he stares at the painting, he no longer sees the girl in the painting… but envisions Rose like he saw her on the beach in Miami.  Roger cracks a smile, possibly symbolizing that his love for his wife as well the painting have merged into one

“Meanwhile in Denmark”

The forgeries clearly made it to the museum in Copenhagen without anyone noticing that they were not the original works.  A security guard in the museum is walking amongst the paintings hanging on the wall, only to stop and notice “The Lonely Maiden”.  He stares at with with intrigue and smiles, much similar to how Roger looked at the painting over the years.