Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Pistachio saves his parents from Bowman and recovers all of the world’s treasures, except for the U.S. Constitution, which Bowman escapes with. Pistachio is officially named a Master of Disguise, and he marries his assistant Jennifer. Later, with the help of his father and grandfather, he tracks down Bowman to a resort in Costa Rica, where he reclaims the Constitution from him before beating him up and knocking him unconscious into the resort’s pool.

After Jennifer (Jennifer Esposito) and a disguised Pistachio (Dana Carvey) behave suspiciously around him, Bowman (Brent Spiner) has his two main henchmen (Michael Bailey Smith & Vincent Riverside) follow them. They end up kidnapping Jennifer from her home while her son Barney (Austin Wolff) is asleep, but he wakes soon after, and he runs to Pistachio for help after seeing that his mother is gone and finding one of Bowman’s cigar butts on the floor. Realizing that Bowman has kidnapped her, Pistachio heads to his mansion to save her.

By this time, Frabbrizio (James Brolin) has acquired all of the world’s treasures for Bowman to auction off on the black market website Black MarkEBay (with Jennifer being forced to serve as the spokesmodel), and Bowman reveals to its top executive (Kevin Nealon) that, after he collects the money from the sales, he plans to have Frabbrizio wear a glued-on disguise of his likeness and then have him killed so that way everyone will think he is dead, which will enable him to escape with the money.

As the auction is underway, Pistachio manages to get close to Bowman while disguised as one of his goons, but Bowman quickly sees through his facade and yanks his disguise off. He summons a bunch of ninjas to take him out, but Pistachio easily beats up a few of them and sends the others running scared, and then he frees Jennifer. Bowman then tries to have Mama (Edie McClurg) killed, but it is revealed that she was never under the influence of his drugged caramel corn, and she beats up the henchman who tries to kill her and leaves.

Grandfather (Harold Gould) then shows up to witness Pistachio’s victory, but Bowman then decides to sic Frabbrizio – now disguised as Bowman and believing that he is Bowman, due to being pulled over to “the dark side of Energico” in his weakened state – on them all and escapes. Frabbrizio attacks Pistachio, not believing that he is his son, but just as he is about to kill him, Pistachio puts his underwear on his head, since he knows his father never liked seeing him do that. This brings Frabbrizio back to his old self, and he shakes the Bowman disguise off. The Disguiseys and Jennifer then collect Mama and go home.

Pistachio officially becomes a Master of Disguise, and he marries Jennifer. The Disguiseys track down Bowman to a resort in Costa Rica, both to bring him to justice and because he still has the one world treasure that they have not recovered: The U.S. Constitution. Pistachio approaches Bowman disguised as George W. Bush, but soon reveals his true identity, and when Bowman attempts to call his two main henchmen over to help, Frabbrizio and Grandfather come up to him disguised as them. Pistachio takes the Constitution and then beats up and knocks Bowman unconscious into the resort’s pool.