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Eleven people are invited to attend an exclusive dining experience at a restaurant on an island, 30 minutes from land, where the chef (Ralph Fiennes) and staff devote their lives to providing the meals.

At first, the chef puts out pretentious culinary dishes, but as the night continues, people are assaulted for speaking out. The chef has decided that everyone in attendance — including him and the staff — will die at the end of the meal. One woman, (Anya Taylor-Joy), is a last-minute replacement, an escort hired by a man who has broken up with his girlfriend, and the chef considers her an exception to the other guests. When she complains about the food and asks for a simple cheeseburger, she is considered different from the culture that has made the chef hate his passion for culinary arts. She is the only one allowed to leave before the restaurant is set on fire as part of the final dessert course of s’mores.

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