Submitted by Will

The movie begins with a woman and her two children, son and daughter in an old farm house. She tells her son to be a big boy as they enter a bedroom, this is in black and white. The door is closed and begins to shake, the mother puts the boy under the bed, he is crying. the door bangs open and an invisible force throws her against the wall, the thing leaves the boy runs into the hall to his sister. She is just as scared and she asks ‘Where’s mom?’ The force throws her over the banister of the stairs, she is dragged into the basement by her feet, leaving deep nail marks in the floor. The boy runs into the kitchen and hides in a cupboard, the thing comes and after a heart stopping moment pulls him out. The screen goes black.

Then there are the creepiest titles ever! And the screen is color and we see a car driving down the highway. They talk and come to the farm we saw at the beginning. Jess gets out of the car and goes into the house alone. She looks around and behind her the cupboard opens and closes behind her. She looks in and sees a little wind up tractor way back at the back. She reaches in trying to reach it and it lurches forward and begins to move, I jumped very high. She is going back out and hears a noise from the basement and the door is locked when she tries it. She goes upstairs and her dad talks to her about how she likes the house.

Mom sees a watermark on the walls and gets scrubbing. Later mom is flipping the sheets and making waves, the little boy is there and he sees two bloody legs under the sheets. jess and mom share an odd moment and Jess goes to the basement to put boxes down there, she hears a noise. A drifter comes. Weird things start happening and in the end you find out that the drifter was the one that killed the people at the beginning, he gets sucked into the ground by the ghosts of the son, daughter, and wife.

They all live happily ever after!