Submitted by Spectre

The nameless Mortician (Clifford “Method Man” Smith), a meek, lonely man, is given new purpose when he takes a young boy Kane (Cruz Santiago) under his wing. Kane is in hiding since his father Carver (Dash Mihok) murdered his mother, Jenny, and dumped her body, something Kane witnessed. Jenny who had been beaten and prostituted by Carver, tried to escape leading to her death. Carver is seeking out his son to kill him as he is the only witness that can link him to the crime.

Carver finds out that Kane, Noah (E.J. Bonilla), Maria (Angelic Zambrana), and the Mortician are at the city morgue so Kane can say goodbye to his mother. Carver tries to take the boy, but Noah who was Jenny’s brother and was unable to protect her, kills him by bashing in his skull. The Mortician sends the three out of town with some money to start a new life.

The Mortician then leaves town to track down his long lost mother’s whereabouts. He meets a woman who tells him his mother “entertained” men to make ends meet and she was killed by one of her clients, and the culprit was never found.

The Mortician, able to let go of his pain with the truth about his mother, begins to live for the first time. He shaves off his beard, goes on a date with Ava (Dana Fuchs), and becomes more sociable to those around him. In the last scene, The Mortician gets a delivery with Carver’s body. Noah had dumped his body just like he had dumped Jenny’s. The Mortician smirks at Carver’s corpse.