Submitted by Tornado Dragon

When Nora (Zooey Deschanel) eventually criticizes Dizzy (DJ Qualls) for becoming the same person he once hated by being Gil, he decides to use his newfound popularity to unite all of the different social cliques at East Highland into one, mainly against Connor (Ross Patterson). Danielle (Eliza Dushku) takes part in it, breaking up with Connor in the process. The students come to treat each other as equals, and bullying ceases to exist.

East Highland’s football team makes it to the state championship game against Rocky Creek, Dizzy’s old school, and they win the title when Dizzy distracts Rocky Creek on the last play. However, Dizzy’s old foe Barclay (Ameer Baraka) recognizes him. He heads to Eastland High and confronts Dizzy during a celebration party, but the entire student body leaps to Dizzy’s defense and humiliates Barclay. Afterwards, Connor comes up to Barclay and tells him that he wants to know what he knows about Dizzy.

At the homecoming dance, Connor, Barclay, and some Rocky Creek students crash it while Dizzy and his friends are in the midst of performing their music. Connor & Barclay play the video of Dizzy’s librarian incident back at Rocky Creek, and then show everyone that Dizzy and Gil are the same guy. Before things can get ugly, Luther (Eddie Griffin) and the other prison inmates show up to help Dizzy, tying up Connor and Barclay and dressing them in embarrassing outfits that Barclay once dressed up Dizzy in.

Backstage, Nora looks like she’ll admit to Dizzy that she loves him, but then she starts making out with Glen (Parry Shen). Dizzy then talks to Danielle, who reveals that she, too, was once unpopular herself, and like Dizzy, she made changes to everything about herself – not all of them good – so she could be popular. Feeling good knowing that they not only like each other, but have common ground as well, they kiss.

Luther, who was narrating the whole story, is revealed to have been telling all of this to David Hasselhoff (himself).