Submitted by Naomi

Katherine (Malin Akerman) is able to figure out the cypher to create a new code. She sends out new broadcasts to cancel the fake ones sent by the bad guy. Emerson (John Cusack) is able to kill the last of bad guys (you never find out exactly who the bad guys are working for), but Katherine is shot in the gut. Emerson blows up the Numbers Station and escapes with Katherine. A short distance from the Numbers Station, he pulls over a car. The driver turns out to be working with the bad guys and to be a former agent CIA agent who switched sides after becoming disillusioned with the work like Emerson has become. His involvement is how the bad guys knew all the protocol for the Numbers Station. Emerson shoots the driver dead but in the process takes a bullet to the shoulder. He drives Katherine into town and passes out.

Emerson wakes up in the hospital and finds Katherine has survived. His boss arrives and says that Katherine knows too much and will have to be killed. Emerson points out that her actions canceled the fake broadcast orders, one of which was to kill the boss. In return the boss decides to grant Emerson’s request to give him and Katherine a ten day head start to go out and start a new life.