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A box office bomb that comes across like a bad version of Pee Wee’s playhouse.

Interaction is prompted by butterflies on the bottom of the screen, and stopped by the appearance of turtles.  Children are advised that they can misbehave in a movie theater after being told “Just make sure that you ask the big person that you came with and they say it’s okay.”

The Oogieloves lose 5 magic balloons for Schluufy’s surprise birthday party. Toofie gets the first balloon out of a tree.  Ruffy the fish gets the second balloon by winning Milky Marvin’s big milk shake drink off.  Goobie uses a trampoline to get the third balloon.  Penelope the bird, despite a bad back and cataracts (yes, really) gets the fourth balloon with lots of encouragement, and finally the Oogieloves get to the last balloon trapped in a windmill courtesy of a dancing powered flying sombrero and a music powered tulip.

Then it is on to Schluufy’s birthday party and a happy ending!

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