Submitted by Michael R

Represents the most accurate look at high school to date

Charlie (Logan Lerman) during his first year of high school becomes friends with Sam (Emma Watson), her step brother Patrick (Erza Miller), Mary Elizabeth (Mae Whitman) all seniors, and his english teacher Mr. Anderson (Paul Rudd). Charlie learns that Patrick is gay and his secret boyfriend Brad (Johnny Simmons) is on the football team.

Eventually Charlie and Mary date but it doesn’t last long. Brad gets beat up by his father after discovering him with Patrick. A school cafteria fight leads to Charlie defending his friends. We eventually learns after Charlie makes out with Sam that he was molested by his Aunt Helen (Melanie Lynskey). Charlie blames himself for the death of his aunt and has another blackout in his attemtp at suicide which leads him to be institutionalized.

Charlie then sees his friends after getting out the hospital.