Submitted by Jeremy

A Fugitive Predator crash lands on Earth after being pursued by a larger, upgraded Ultimate Predator. The first Predator is taken by scientists from Project Stargazer, led by Will Traeger (Sterling K. Brown). He brings in biologist Casey Bracket (Olivia Munn) to determine that the Fugitive Predator had human DNA, right before it escapes when the Ultimate Predator’s ship is detected to be heading to Earth.

Sniper Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) is placed with a group of government captives – Nebraska, Coyle, Baxley, Nettles, and Lynch – after a failed hostage rescue in Mexico where two of Quinn’s teammates were killed by the Fugitive Predator. Quinn had sent some recovered Predator gear back to his home, which is found by Quinn’s son Rory (Jacob Tremblay). Rory unintentionally triggers the signal to alert the Predators to his whereabouts. Quinn and the gang (now joined by Casey) find Rory and save him from Predator Dogs, but just as they are found by Fugitive Predator, Ultimate Predator eviscerates the other alien as the humans get away.

The gang is found by Traeger, who has figured that the Predators are trying to evolve using human DNA, and that Fugitive Predator was carrying something on his ship that Ultimate Predator wanted. Traeger takes Rory to find the first ship, but Quinn and the others catch up to them. Ultimate Predator kills Traeger’s men and destroys Fugitive Predator’s ship. After a fight in the woods, Lynch, Coyle, Baxley, and Traeger are all killed.

Ultimate Predator takes Rory with him, believing the boy to be the next step in their evolution. Quinn, Nebraska, and Nettles hop on the ship to stop him, but Nettles falls to his death, and Nebraska sacrifices himself to bring the ship down. With Casey’s help, Quinn defeats and kills Ultimate Predator.

It’s revealed that Fugitive Predator was carrying a Preadator Killer armor that Quinn hopes to use.