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Facilier steps on Ray and goes after Tiana, creating an illusion to make her give him back the talisman to seal his deal with his friends on “the other side.” But Tiana isn’t buying it, and manages to destroy the talisman. This enrages every being on “the other side” who made the pact with Facilier, and he is dragged to “the other side” with a matching headstone. Prince Naveen manages to get Charlotte to agree to help her friend Tiana make her restaurant dream a reality, even though it means Naveen will choose Tiana. Charlotte kisses him, as she was the princess of the Mardi Gras parade, but her kiss does nothing. At that moment, Ray dies and joins Evangeline, his shining star in the night sky. Back at the bayou, Mama Odie marries the frog prince Naveen and Tiana. When they kiss, Tiana officially becomes the princess of Maldonia, and her kiss lifts the spell on both of them. The film ends with all the surviving characters enjoying a meal at Tiana’s restaurant, a thriving success. And they all lived happily ever after!