Submitted by Trent "The Walrus"

Steve (Johnny Knoxville) is outed as faking his disability early by the other Special Olympic Athletes. However, they don’t want Jimmy, the Special Olympics superstar, to keep winning, so they ask him to stay and try and beat Jimmy.

After a lot of training, and some great bonding of friendships, Jimmy and Steve are in the final race. When Jimmy falls in the race, Steve helps him up, allowing Glen (Jed Rees), the smart-mouth athlete, to take the lead and beat both Jimmy and Steve. During the medal ceremony, Steve confesses his actions and gives his bronze medal to Thomas (Bill Chott), the unlucky athlete. Lynn (Katherine Heigl), who has befriended Steve, and with whom Steve is in love with, is horrified.

Fast forward six months, Steve works with the athletes in putting on a presentation of Romeo and Juliet, and in turn, they help Lynn forgive Steve for faking his disability and they get together.