Submitted by Greg C

Ten years after the world’s economy collapses, Eric (Guy Pierce) has his car taken by three men who are on the run after escaping a gun fight with mercenaries.

He pursues them and eventually gets knocked out by Henry (Scott McNairy). Eric continues his pursuit and eventually attracts the attention of Henrys brother, Rey (Robert Pattinson). We learn that Rey was with Henry and the other two men when they were attacked by the mercenaries. Rey takes a bullet in the stomach which forces his brother and accomplices to leave him, thinking he is dead.

Eric takes Rey to a doctor to fix his stomach wound so that he can question him. After Rey recovers, the pair make their way to the place where Rey and Henry stay, encountering more mercenaries and finding out more about themselves.

Rey tells Eric that he wants to kill his brother for leaving him in the street to die. The two go to the house where Henry and three other men are asleep. Eric takes two of the men hostage and waits for Rey to take his two hostages. Rey breaks down and cannot get his brother to go into the other room. Henry pulls a gun and shoots Rey in the neck, killing him. Eric comes in and kills Henry and begins to cry. We assume he spares the fourth man who was not involved in the car theft.

Eric takes the bodies of all the dead and burns them. We then see Eric in his reclaimed car. He gets out and opens the trunk of the car where we see a shovel and a dead dog covered in flies. It becomes clear that the reason he was so committed to getting his car back is so that he could bury the dog. He takes the shovel and begins to dig the hole as the film ends.