Submitted by Dwayne

Buldeo traps Mowgli in a chamber of poisonous snakes in the lost city and thwarts his every attempt to escape. Harrison fights him off to save Mowgli, but it is ultimately Bagheera who chases off Buldeo. Buldeo finds sanctuary within a cannon, but King Murphy has the monkeys fire off the cannon as a salute to their new prince. Buldeo ends up hanging from a tree alive, but Shere Khan is underneath…

After Mowgli is freed thanks to the snake Kaa and his owner, Harrison decides that Mowgli doesn’t belong in a circus and offers to give him a new home. Mowgli turns down the offer to return to the wolf pack who came to rescue him. Timo is reunited with his owner and together with Harrison, they both agree that the jungle is where Mowgi belongs as they watch the boy run off with the wolves.