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As they attempt to save the demonically possessed Charlie (Brady Jenness), Father Daniel Garcia (Vadhir Derbez) realizes that the circumstances are quite similar to Father Peter Costello’s (Guy Pearce) first failed exorcism. That coupled with things Peter had said throughout the day, causes Daniel to confront him and demand Peter tell him “his true name.” Peter drops his veneer, revealing he has been possessed, and attacks him. They struggle and Daniel kills Peter by stabbing him with a crucifix to the neck, but freeing Peter from possession in his final moments. The demon tries to take Daniel over but he successfully resists. Daniel takes the recovered Charlie with him to be put under the Church’s protection.

Daniel meets with the Archbishop (Stephen Lang) as they contemplate the horrific truth; that Father Peter, unknowingly possessed, had infected each of his proteges over a 25 year career with possession, creating a network of demonic priests. The film ends with Daniel driving off to confront each one, hopefully to save some of them or if it is not possible, to stop the evil from spreading.

01 hours 27 minutes