Submitted by Jeremy

POOPER: (Thanks DissedHerb)
Mario and Luigi use the Super Star power-up to defeat Bowser, ultimately shrinking him with a mini-mushroom and putting him in a jar.
Post-credits: A Yoshi egg hatches beneath the streets of Brooklyn.

Beloved plumber brothers Mario and Luigi are sent from Brooklyn to a new world after getting pulled through portal pipes. Luigi ends up in The Dark Lands as a prisoner of the menacing Koopa leader Bowser. Mario teams up with Princess Peach, Toad, and Donkey Kong to fight back and save Luigi.

After Mario goes through training, and fights and defeats DK in the arena, they use karts on Rainbow Road to go after Bowser, but his Koopa army ambushes them and captures DK’s people and father. Mario and DK team up to save their friends while Peach and Toad go to warn the kingdom.

Bowser tries to get Peach to marry him, to which she only agrees so he won’t hurt the Toads. The heroes then save Bowser’s prisoners and fight his army, and they get sent back to Brooklyn, where Mario and Luigi get powered up to defeat Bowser and his army, and Peach shrinks him down to be imprisoned. Everyone regards Mario and Luigi as heroes, and they stay in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The end credits imply Yoshi is being hatched in Brooklyn.


01 hours 32 minutes