Submitted by Tornado Dragon

Just as the Sawyers are about to kill Stretch (Caroline Williams), Lefty (Dennis Hopper) shows up. Drayton (Jim Siedow) tries to offer Lefty a cash bribe to keep quiet about all of this, but Lefty revs up his large chainsaw and attacks, slicing up Drayton’s buttocks. He then frees Stretch and tells her to run, and she does so with Chop-Top (Bill Moseley) in hot pursuit.

Lefty gets into a chainsaw duel with Leatherface (Bill Johnson), and eventually gets the advantage by running his chainsaw through Leatherface’s stomach. Drayton, feeling like the end has come, takes out a grenade and pulls out the pin. As he does so, Grandpa (Ken Evert) tries to throw a hammer at Lefty’s head, but it misses and hits Leatherface in his head, sending his chainsaw through the table and cutting up Drayton’s back. He drops the grenade, and as Chop-Top is continuing his pursuit of Stretch, an explosion is heard, signifying that the grenade has presumably killed Lefty and the Sawyers present.

Stretch is chased up the carnival’s rock tower into a shrine the family created for Grandma Sawyer, whose mummified corpse sits with a chainsaw in her lap. As Chop-Top confronts Stretch, she takes the chainsaw off of Grandma’s lap, disturbing her corpse and sending Chop-Top into a rage. He begins to wildly slash up Stretch with his straight razor, but she soon gets the chainsaw running and cuts a vicious gash into his stomach. He staggers backward and falls off the tower back down inside the carnival to his presumed death. The movie ends with Stretch swinging the chainsaw around similar to how Leatherface did at the end of the first film, all the while screaming her lungs out.

01 hours 41 minutes