Submitted by John L

Holly Martins (Joseph Cotton) finds that Harry Lime (Orson Welles) faked his death. He’s alive, and making a fortune selling diluted penicillin on the black market.

After Major Calloway shows Martins a hospital filled with children who are sick and dying because of Lime’s tainted medicine, Martins agrees to help Calloway capture Lime. In exchange, Martins asks Calloway to help Lime’s ex-girlfriend Anna (Alida Valli), with whom he’s fallen in love, to get out of Vienna before she is handed over as a prisoner to the Russians.

Anna still loves Lime, and wants no part of this plan. She would rather be imprisoned than betray Lime. She tips off Lime that Martins and Calloway are planning to arrest him. Lime tries to escape through the sewers, but he is pursued and shot by Calloway. Martins catches up to Lime, and Lime beckons for Martins to kill him, rather than let him be captured. Martins shoots and kills Lime.

Martins and Anna both attend Lime’s second, real burial. Martins hopes to reconcile with her at the cemetery, but he can’t get up the nerve to say anything to her. and she walks past him without saying a word.