Submitted by Joseph C

On August 8, 1944, a platoon of Nazi soldiers are hiding in a shed in the small French town of Ruiflic. They are terrified of something outside and shoot through the door.

On August 8, 2008, nine friends are driving in 2 cars to spend a long weekend at Lucas’s grandparents country home.  Hugo speeds past Lucas’s car.  When the first car rounds a bend, they find Hugos’ car empty in the middle of the road. The others have disappeared.  Their car won’t start They walk to the vacation home.  Lucas and Mathias go to the neighbors to call for help.  Mathias returns bloody, saying Lucas attacked him.  Lucas was new to their group, and they think he is responsible for the bizarre, scary events that are occurring.

Mathias reveals that to escape the French Revolution, 8 rich decadent French nobles hid in Ruiflic.  They had a ritual, where every 8 years, on the 8th day of the 8th month (Aug 8), they sacrificed a victim to a demon.  They expected the victim to return from the dead and reveal the secret to immortality.  The 8th time they did the ritual, they killed a lady and burned alive her young boy.  He came back, but as a demon.  He killed the 8 noble men.  Every 8 years, he returns and claims 8 lives.  All the villagers moved away, until only Mathias’s family was left.  For over a century, the demon has kept Matthias as a servant.  Matthias has to go out and lure 8 victims to the town every 8 years.

Sisters, Emma and Marion, are the only ones left with Matthias and the demon.  Mathias, speaking for the demon, says that the demon knows Marion lost her child.  The demon wants a mother.  Matthias says that if Marion will stay as the child’s mother, the killing will end.  An anguished Marion agrees to this to end the curse.  The demon destroys Matthias.

At the end, Marion hitches a ride.  The demon has sent her out to lure back new victims.  The curse is not over, now Marion has taken Mathias’s role.