Submitted by Jeremy

A young artist named Mina (Dakota Fanning)lives in Ireland by herself, living with the guilt of causing a car accident that killed her mother and scarred her twin sister Lucy. Mina is tasked with delivering a bird to a mysterious residence and gets lost in the woods. She ends up in a cabin called “The Coop” with three other strangers – Madeline, Ciara, and Daniel (Olwen Fouéré, Georgina Campbell and Oliver Finnegan). They are observed by unseen entities called “The Watchers”, who watch, them simply being themselves. They are not allowed to leave the Coop at night, because that’s when The Watchers come out and attack, as they killed Ciara’s husband John when he tried to flee.

The Watchers are fairies that were cast out of the human world, now dwelling underground and trying to mimic human behavior and appearances so they may rejoin the surface world. They were studied by Professor Rory Kilmartin (John Lynch), but he committed suicide after supposedly killing one he captured. The group tries to flee on a boat, but The Watchers kill Daniel while the ladies escape.

After returning to civilization, Mina goes to Kilmartin’s former university and finds other belongings that reveal more to the story. “Madeline” was a Watcher, or a halfling, that could successfully morph into a human and walk into the daylight. The real Madeline was Kilmartin’s wife who died long ago. While the Daywalker is vengeful, Mina talks it down and convinces it to try and find others like it.

Mina reunites with Lucy and tries to finally move on from her grief, while the Daywalker continues to keep an eye on her.