Submitted by Spectre

Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel) and his wife Hedwig (Sandra Hüller) live an idyllic life with their children at their massive estate situated right next to the Auschwitz death camp, which Höss runs. Höss has become so efficient at finding solutions to killing Jewish prisoners that he has been promoted and forced to transfer away from Auschwitz.

Hedwig refuses to leave and makes a condition of his transfer that the family is allowed to stay, unwilling to give up her perceived perfect life. Her mother comes to visit and is initially proud, but when confronted with the reality of mass murder her daughter is building her life on, flees the estate without saying goodbye.

Höss continues to rise in the ranks and is eventually allowed to return back to Auschwitz. He calls his wife and for the first time, openly discusses murder without hiding behind technical terms. His wife doesn’t even notice, telling him she’s tired.

Höss leaves his office but finds himself on the brink of vomiting several times. He peers down a dark corridor. The film jumps to the present day where the camp is now a museum, carefully maintained to encapsulate the horror of the Nazi’s and Höss’ actions. The film cuts back to Höss still peering down the hallway, deep in thought. He shakes himself out of his stupor and heads down a darkened stairwell and out of the building until he is no longer visible.

01 hours 45 minutes