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Judd (Jason Bateman) catches his wife Quinn (Abigail Spencer) in bed with his boss Wade (Dax Shepard). He leaves her and returns home for his father’s funeral, along with his sister Wendy (Tina Fey), and his brothers Paul (Corey Stoll) and Phillip (Adam Driver). 

After the funeral, their mother Hillary (Jane Fonda) “grounds” them all for a week to honor their father’s dying wish. During this time, Judd falls for his childhood friend Penny (Rose Byrne). 

A few days later, Quinn shows up and tells Judd that she’s pregnant with his baby. When Penny finds out, she angrily tells Judd off. 

Paul’s wife Annie (Kathryn Hahn) tries to sleep with Judd in a desperate attempt to get pregnant. He turns her down, but Paul thinks they are sleeping together and fights Judd. During the fight, Hillary reveals that she is in a relationship with a family friend Linda (Debra Monk) and that the whole trip was an excuse to tell the family. 

This inspires Judd to confront Quinn and he tells her that he’ll be there for the baby, but thinks they should still divorce. He patches things up with Penny and promises to call her. As the family is saying goodbye, Judd borrows Phillip’s car and drives through the country  like he always wanted.