Submitted by Rabbit

After Allen Bishopman (Will Forte) rats out Tim and Eric to Schlaaang Inc., the executives show up with machine guns to kill T&E for running out on their contract.  After Reggie (the janitor) walks out to try to talk to them, they proceed to viciously murder him, so they ask Bishopman to get some swords to fight back with;  he does so, and gets stabbed in the neck as revenge for his treachery.  Tim then throws Reggie’s son as a distraction (which results in him essentially exploding); Tim and Eric proceed to kill the attackers by throwing their swords, and then walk off into the parking lot, at which point the film stops while a voice-over says that they were sentenced to death for murder.

The film then cuts to a small theatre, where a Steven Spielberg impersonator says that Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is the best film he has ever seen.