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The Titanic hits an iceberg and sinks.

Richard Ward Sturges (Clifton Webb) and his young son Norman (Harper Carter) die. Sturges had bought a steerage ticket to sneak onboard and reclaim his son and daughter after their mother, Julia (Barbara Stanwyck), had taken both of them on board with her to get away from the elitist, wandering life in Europe that Sturges was leading.

Julia and their daughter, Annette (Audrey Dalton), survive in a lifeboat along with Gifford Rogers (Robert Wagner), Maude Young (Thelma Ritter), and Mr. Meeker (Allyn Joslyn). George Healey (Richard Basehart) goes below decks to try to rescue some boiler room stokers and is not seen again.

Julia had told Sturges that Norman was illegitimate, which led Sturges to ignore the boy throughout the cruise. Norman gave up his seat in the lifeboat to prove to his father that he was a man. The two embrace and sing “Nearer My God To Thee” with the passengers that are left behind on the Titanic along with the Astors, the Strausses, and Captain Smith as the ship sinks.