Submitted by Drummer Brian

During the Top Gun training, Maverick’s (Tom Cruise) rear and best friend, Goose (Anthony Edwards) is killed when he ejects directly into the canopy of the aircraft.  Disheartened and ready to quit, Viper (Tom Skerritt) motivates Maverick by telling him the true story of how his dad died a hero.  Maverick sticks with it and graduates, with Ice Man and Slider winning the Top Gun trophy. 

Maverick is called out to the Indian Ocean where an aircraft carrier has become disabled and drifted into enemy waters.  Enemy aircraft come in to attack and Ice Man/Slider and Hollywood/Wolfman are sent in.  Hollywood is shot down, but survives, and Maverick goes in to back up.  He flies through another plane’s jet wash, similar to the scenario where Goose died and Maverick pulls out of the fight.  After holding Goose’s dogtags and asking for his help, Maverick goes back into the fight shooting down three aircraft along with Iceman’s one kill.

When given his choice of duty, Maverick says he wants to be a Top Gun instructor. 

Charlie (Kelly McGillis) comes back to Maverick in the very end.

01 hours 49 minutes