Submitted by Robert W

Transporter 2

The main bad guy, Gianni (Alessandro Gassman), didn’t kidnap the boy for a ransom, but rather to inject him with a virus that would spread to everyone inside an anti-drug convention. Frank (Jason Statham) catches onto the plan and is able to cure the boy with an antidote shortly after he infects his mother and father. Frank then proceeds to do battle with several of Gianni’s men at his household, only to find that Gianni has injected the rest of the remaining antidote into himself. After a battle with the Lola (Kate Nauta) that leaves her impaled on spiked artwork, Frank races after Gianni and catches up to his plane, where they have a huge battle that eventually leads the plane crashing into the ocean. Frank manages to save Gianni, and the police recover them both. After making sure the boy and his family are OK, Frank returns to his car, where he receives a call asking for “a transporter”. He states, “I’m listening.”