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Two models, Carl and Yaya, go on a luxury cruise ship with other affluent and wealthy Europeans. After a violent storm and an evening of food poisoning, the ship is attacked by pirates, leaving the model couple, plus a few other survivors, stranded on an island.

One of the survivors, a cleaning lady named Abigail, assumes leadership of the group since she is the only one with survival skills. She takes Carl in as a personal companion in her lifeboat, and he considers leaving Yaya for Abigail since Abigail provides for him while Yaya is only concerned about her image.

Yaya and Abigail go on a hike and discover that the island is part of a resort. Abigail appears to approach Yaya with a large rock to kill her, but she stops as Yaya offers her an employment position. The last we see is Carl running after them.

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