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Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell) finds out that Tristan (James Franco) loves Isolde (Sophia  Myles). Lord Marke feels betrayed by Tristan because he treated him like a son.

Before Lord Marke makes his decision on what he should do with Tristan & Isolde, Isolde tells Lord Marke that she was in love with Tristan before she even knew Lord Marke, so he decides that Tristan & Isolde can run away together.

When they prepare to leave Tristan decides to help Lord Marke battle Isolde’s father, King Donnchadh (David O’ Hara) who is trying to steal her back and capture Lord Marke’s city or village or kingdom whatever they call it. Lord Marke and his men try to close the gates but with the help of this one man whos name I cant remember. They make it into the room and ambush Lord Marke. Tristan who has now arrived to save Lord Marke starts to sword fight the man who let King Donnchadh’s men in.

 Eventually Tristan is stabbed but then in turn stabs and chops the head off the man. Now a wounded Tristan goes outside an holds the mans head over his head and talks about how their king is a fool an that he loves Isolde. The King says he doesn’t care about Isolde; he just wants Lord Marke’s place. 

The king’s men get mad at the king somehow an they kill their own king.

After all this Lord Marke and a few other men sit with a wounded Tristan under a bridge. Isolde finds them an sees Tristan’s wound; she starts crying. The men leave Tristan & Isolde together and Tristan says something like “You were right I do Love You”

Then He dies from his wound.