Submitted by Mark

It is one year since Laura Barns killed herself after an embarrassing video of her was leaked on YouTube, which led to cyber-bullying. On Skype, Blaire and her five friends gather to chat but a mysterious user is there and they cannot get rid of her. She claims to be Laura Barns who is simultaneously messaging Blaire and messing with their computers to prove she’s not just a prankster. One by one, she plays games with them, each resulting in one becoming possessed and killing themselves.

It is revealed that all of them left anonymous hateful comments on the YouTube video. She reveals their secrets – mainly that they all betrayed each other in some way – and when only Blaire and her boyfriend are left, she demands to know who posted the video. Blaire finally confesses that her boyfriend did it and he is promptly killed. But when Blaire tries to remind Laura how close they were, Laura posts the full video revealing Blaire was the one filming that night, laughing at Laura’s expense. The demon version of Laura then appears in Blaire’s house and kills her, too.