Submitted by Rick

Five men awaken in a warehouse with no way out and no recollection of how they got there, only to struggle with their suspicion of each other as they try to piece together their story from available clues.

The man with the broken nose (Greg Kinnear) is McCain and the man with the buzzcut (Barry Pepper) is Coles; they are both hostages. The other men in the building are their abductors.

There was a struggle during an escape attempt and everyone was knocked out by gas.

Jean Jacket (Jim Caviezel) later remembers that he is an undercover police officer. He had infiltrated the gang as part of an effort aimed at bringing down their drug smuggling operation. However, his superiors haven’t heard from him in weeks. During that time, he began an affair with Coles’ wife (who is seen conducting the ransom drop at the beginning of the film) She is in fact the mastermind behind the entire kidnapping plot.

With the rest of the gang dead, there is nothing to incriminate either Jean Jacket or the wife. The two exchange glances as she reunites with her husband. Jean Jacket then turns over the ransom money to the authorities.