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In futuristic England, a vigilante named V (Hugo Weaving) puts together a master plan to overthrow the government organization Norsefire by destroying Parliament.

Eventually, he takes on Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman) as his protege, while at the same time creating mutiny within Norsefire, using Creedy (Tom Pigett-Smith) as his patsy and leading Inspector Finch (Stephen Rea) ever so slowly to his hideout underground.

His ultimate plan is to destroy Parliament by sending a subway train filled with explosives directly under it. But first he must eliminate the other players. At the same time, V takes care of his own personal vengeances against the workers of St. Mary’s hospital, who essentially made him who he is. After that, he has Creedy bring in Norsefire’s leader, Chancellor Sutler (John Hurt) after Creedy and Finch realize (independently of each other) all the terrible things Sutler was responsible for (including the virus that killed over 80,000 people).

Creedy shoots Sutler in the head, and V confronts Creedy and his men. After a shootout, V kills all of Creedy’s men, then kills Creedy, though mortally wounded. He stumbles back to the subway car and dies in Evey’s arms. Though she wants to, Evey does not remove V’s mask, but places him in the subway car and covers him with his trademark red roses. Evey is confronted by Finch as she is about to release the handle. Finch threatens Evey, but she goads him, knowing that even if she dies, the legacy of V and Guy Fawkes will live on. Finch lowers his weapon, and Evey releases the subway car.

At the same time, thousands of Englsih citizens march up to Parliament dressed as V, wearing costumes he had sent to practically every house in London. As midnight strikes on the 5th of November, Parliament explodes to the sounds of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture, and all of the V-alikes remove their masks to view the spectacle. At the same time, Evey tells Finch V’s story, about what he wanted in England, and in the world.

She concludes by telling Finch that he and V were essentially the same person, and both look on as the red fireworks make a large red V in the night sky.