Submitted by Spectre

In a dystopian near future, a new drug, HYPE, has caused the nation to fall into chaos, turning a majority of citizens into lawless drug addicts. After Lucy, the sister of Elizabeth aka Lizard (Sierra McCormick) is goaded into a suicidal jump at the promise of HYPE from drug lord Boz (Travis Hammer), Lizard steals a major stockpile that Boz was saving for a major deal and runs to the first place she sees, a bar, which happens to be a VFW, a Veterans of Foriegn Wars establishment, run by Fred Parras (Stephen Lang). In response, Boz sends his fellow addicts after the girl, with the promise of more drugs.

A siege occurs, and Fred and his veteran friends, including young veteran Shawn Mason (Tom Williamson) defend Lizard, enacting heavy losses to Boz’s army. However, the drug addicts also kill Doug (David Patrick Kelly), Travis “Z” Zabriski (George Wendt) and Lou Clayton (Martin Kove)

In the climax, Abe (Fred Williamson) overdoses on the HYPE drug to take on the addicts, while Walter (William Sadler) and Shawn go for a military truck. Fred must save Lizard from Boz. After Lizards lights the drugs on fire, Fred shoots him, and a mortally wounded Walter, slams the truck into Boz, killing him, and himself in the process. Fred, Lizard, and Shawn return to the bar with barely alive Abe and make a toast to the fallen…adding Abe’s name as he dies from his wounds. Fred discovers one forgotten brick of the HYPE drug and Lizard tells him it will be enough to repair his bar and more. The surviving three toast to making it through the night.