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Sam Hendrix is flying home. A lady on the flight has a lot to carry and asks Sam to carry a very large doll through customs for her.  Sam does, but can not find the lady later, so he takes the doll home with him and gives it to his blind wife Susy (Audrey Hepburn).  The lady from the airport gets killed for losing the doll.  It turns out that the doll was full of heroin being smuggled into the country, and some very violent deadly men want it back.  When they realize Susy is blind, they think she will be easy prey.  They schedule a fake late evening appointment with Sam at the opposite end of town.  They first pretend to be friends of Sam to get in.  Before they realize what she is doing, Susy breaks all the light bulbs in the basement apartment.  In the darkness, Susy has the advantage over them and dispatches all the criminals.